AGAC Collection

The Contemporary Art Galleries Association is proud to partner with renowned artists in order to offer art lovers two remarkable limited editions each year! The AGAC Collection is a great opportunity to acquire works by established Canadian artists while supporting the AGAC.


Why acquire an artwork from the AGAC Collection?

The works are simply magnificent. The selected artists usually work in large formats and it is rare to be able to acquire one of their pieces at such an affordable price. Their works are included in many institutional, corporate and private collections.


Why support AGAC?

As an NPO, our mission is, among other things, to raise public awareness of the visual arts, to contribute to the development of galleries and artists, and to encourage the emergence of new art collectors. Thanks to your support, we can propel ambitious and unique projects such as the Papier fair. By acquiring a work from the AGAC Collection, your passion for the arts becomes a concrete commitment – support that contributes to our goal of bringing more people to collect and thus support local artists.