Who can become an AGAC member?


The Association gathers private galleries whose main activity is the sale of cutting-edge contemporary art. Various criteria determine AGAC membership, such as the obligation to represent a minimum of 6 professional artists. For more information about the requirements or if you have any questions, please contact the AGAC’s director, Anie Deslauriers, at membership@agac.ca.

I am a gallery owner / I am an artist. I am wondering about the business relationship I have with my gallery / my artist. Can the AGAC answer my questions?


Yes, we invite you to contact us by email with any questions or concerns you may have. We also encourage galleries and artists to use the standard contract, a model developed in close collaboration with the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV). Free of charge and available in both languages, this document sets guidelines for the professional relationship between artists and private galleries. The standard contract is available here.

Does AGAC offer an artwork estimation service?


AGAC does not assess artworks. However, if you are interested in having an original artwork assessed and if you know the name of the artist, we may be able to refer you to one of our member galleries.

Do I have to be an AGAC member to participate in the Plural Contemporary Art Fair?


No, every commercial gallery can register for the Plural Contemporary Art Fair. The registration form, which details the eligibility criteria, is usually available on the fair’s website (www.plural.art/en) a few months before the fair takes place.

I am an artist. Could AGAC help me find a gallery or help me exhibit my work?


No. As the Association exclusively gathers private galleries, it only offers services to its members, the galleries. AGAC cannot comment on your portfolio or refer you to a member gallery. Instead, we advise you to contact artists’ associations such as the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV), which offers punctual workshops for artists.

I would like to buy an artwork, what are the advantages of buying it in one of the AGAC member galleries?


AGAC is a network of galleries ruled by a strict code of ethics and deontology, which is a guarantee of quality and trust. You can be assured of the good practices of artists and gallery owners. Moreover, the Association’s member galleries present cutting-edge contemporary art, focused on the creation of bold and original avenues in the various fields and practices in visual arts.