Exhibition Walls and Furniture Rental

AGAC now offers an exhibition furniture and wall rental service!

Ideal for temporary exhibitions or display booths, our presentation walls are made up of panels 2 or 4 feet wide, assembled at an angle to produce self-supporting structures of varying sizes and shapes.

Furniture available for rental includes flat or angled plinths, benches to punctuate your exhibition spaces, and self-supporting signs.

Download the presentation document to find out more!

Plural Contemporary Art Fair, Montreal, 2023
Exhibition Walls Details
Furniture Details
How to request a quote

To obtain a quote, send your request to: info@agac.ca

You must include

  • the name of your organization or event
  • an installation plan or a sketch of the layout of the walls in your space
  • the dates and duration of rental
  • the format and quantity of walls required
Download the presentation document