1018 9 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2G 0H7
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Alana Bartol, Kyle Beal, Serena Beaulieu, Julie Beugin, Alex Bierk, Jason Deary, Shawn Evans, Scott Everingham, Svea Ferguson, Tyler Bright Hilton, Kristopher Karklin, William Kentridge, Diane Landry, Sandra Meigs, Aida Muluneh, Robert Murray, Sarah Nordean, Erik Olson, Laura St. Pierre, Winnie Truong
Some artworks
Kyle Beal
"Passing the Eye Test", 2020, transparent inkjet print in maple LED lightbox, edition of 3 31 x 25 x 3.5 inches
Alana Bartol
"Enfleurage: Dandilion and Sow Thistle (Hillhurst, Sunnyside, Downtown West)" from the Essential Oils For Alberta series, 2016, edition of 3, digital archival photograph, 22 x 32 inches
Scott Everingham
"Downed Masts", 2020, oil on canvas, 57 x 51 inches
Erik Olson
"Motorcycle: Dino Mart", 2019, original hand coloured with pastel on etching and aquatint, 19.5 x 23.5 inches
Julie Beugin
"Soft Obstacles", 2018, acrylic and pencil on canvas, 55 x 53 inches
Winnie Truong
"Axis Mundi", 2018, coloured pencil and cut paper collage, 36 x 36 inches
Tyler Bright Hilton
"Chapter 18: In Which Minmei Understands Something Crucial About The Whole Thing", 2014
Svea Ferguson
"Golden Boy", 2018, rubber baseboard trim, 20 x 7 x 8 inches
Sarah Nordean
"Scuttle Drag", 2020, acrylic and coloured pencil on mineral paper, 26 x 38 inches
Serena Beaulieu
"Axis", 2019, acrylic on wood panel, 8 x 10 x 3 inches
Diane Landry
"Fall", 2017
William Kentridge
"Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts: Lampedusa", 2017
Alex Bierk
"Miss You", 2020, gouache on paper, 11.5 x 15 inches
Jason Deary
"Window for Georgia", 2021, acrylic on canvas over panel, 60 x 48 inches
Aida Muluneh
"The 99 Series: Part 2", 2014, archival digital print, edition of 5, 31.5 x 31.5 inches
Shawn Evans
"The Currency of Truth", 2020, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches
Laura St. Pierre
"Hothouse", 2019, archival inkjet on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper, edition of 5, 50 x 43 inches
Sandra Meigs
"Fille de Fleur", 2018, acrylic, paper on panel, 24 x 20 inches
Kristopher Karklin
"Pipeline", 2015, inkjet print, edition of 7, 36 x 54 inches
Robert Murray
"Bui", 2015, painted steel, 18 x 10 x 9 inches